Parlevel - Hubz Product Setup for VMS

In this article you will find instructions for product activation and setup for the Hubz smart coolers. This process differs slightly from the product setup for vending and micro markets.

Activating Products

  1. Click > Warehouse > Products.
    Note: Products may not need to be activated; however, unused products may need to be deactivated. The top 500 most common products are already activated in the VMS.
  2. By default, only currently active products are shown. To see all products, select All from the Status dropdown menu on the right.
  3. Use the filters in the column headers to search for specific products.
    It is recommended that you search for brand first using the filters, and then narrow and search the results for the specific product/flavor needed. If more results are returned than show on-screen, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page for more results to populate.
  4. Click the Active/Inactive toggle on the far right to activate or deactivate products as needed.


If a Needed Product DOES NOT exist in the product catalog:

1. Provide your Customer Success representative or a Hero Support member the following information for the product(s): 

  • Full Product Name*

  • Size (ounces, grams)*

  • Manufacturer

  • Brand

  • Picture of Product
    Note: * denotes required information

Entering Products into Cooler

  1. Click to open the Edit page for the product.
  2. In the far right column under the product image and Tags, there are five fields to enter the product weight samples in grams, seen below.
  3. Weigh five unique cans of the product in question, and enter their weight in grams as an integer. These samples will provide a general average for the cooler to associate with the product.
  4. Click Save Changes at the bottom right to save these samples to the product.

Please note that if weight samples are not saved to products, you will be unable to add and save them to the smart cooler asset.