Parlevel - What is the Product Modal?


The Product Modal is an informational pop-up for any active product, which can be accessed by any clickable product name link (found in the Warehouse or a number of analytics reports) or by navigating to the product catalog under Options > Warehouse > Products, and clicking the to the far right of the appropriate product.

Automatically displayed at the top of the modal are the System ID and name of the product, as well as its Daily Consumption Rate (DCR).

The first tab available in the modal is the Product Info tab, where some data can be viewed regarding the product. At the bottom is the units, cost, and value of all units of this product, divided into the warehouse inventory (), truck inventory (), and across all selections for machines/markets ().

You can also click the Edit Product button to enter the Product Edit page, where you can change some of this information.

The Inventory tab will allow you to view the number of units for this product across your trucks and warehouse inventory. You can click the to view any inventory adjustments for the selected row, or to delete the inventory record.

The Selections tab will allow you to see all machines or markets that contain this product, and any relevant information for each, such as its machine price or the slot number. The machine name is a clickable link that will open the Machine Information modal.

You can also bulk update product changes at the bottom by entering a new price in the Update Price field or selecting a replacement product. You can check the boxes to the left of which machines/markets you would like to apply the change to, or check the top box next to POS to select all slots containing the product. You can check Force in order to have the changes take effect immediately, and then click Submit

The Sales Ticker is the final tab in the modal, where you can view information for the most recent sales of this product.