Parlevel - Using the Product Management Screen (with Video)



The video above and steps below explain how to use the Product Management screen, a feature used with micro markets to easily enter, modify, and remove products all across your market operation.


  1. While logged in to your VMS, navigate to Markets > Product Management

  2. Select a product by searching for it in the Product dropdown. All products displayed are only those that are currently Active in your VMS product catalog. 

  3. In the list that appears, you can see if the selected product is already in a market by the In Market column on the lefthand side. To insert the product into a market, find the market in the list and select an asset from the corresponding dropdown.

  4. You may adjust the price and market parlevel in their respective fields, and then click Add/Update. You may also remove the product by checking Remove.
    - Another feature of the Product Management screen are the "magic wand" tools found at the top of the page. By entering a price or a par (flat amount or percentage) and then clicking the icon to apply the price/parlevel to all markets in bulk.
    - You can click the checkbox next to Add/Update to check off all markets. We suggest unchecking the box for individual markets you do not wish to update or add the product to.
    - Be sure to Save Changes.

  5. Once the product has been checked to be entered or removed from all intended markets, scroll back up to the top and click Save Changes