Parlevel - Modify Machine Layout Feature (Managers Only)

For VMS users with the Manager role, there is a Modify Layout feature available for every machine that will allow you to adjust the machine planogram's rows, columns, and Prekit Aliases. 

This is useful for online machines where the VMS machine may be somewhat different from what the machine's Dex is reporting. Modify Layout is also important for offline machines where the machine's rows/columns are not adjustable after creation except through this feature. 

To access the Modify Layout page:

1.  Navigate to Vending > All Machines

2. Filter for the machine you need to adjust, and click to the far right of the machine to enter the Edit Machine page.

3. Click Options > Modify Layout

The Modify Layout page consists of two parts: the current VMS machine layout, on the left, and on the right is the machine layout as reported by the Last Dex received by the telemeter attached to the machine (if it is an online machine). Below, the Modify Layout page has been separated into these two parts. Each point of interest will be explained beneath the relevant image.

1. The Alias Row/Alias Columns received in the Dex determine the row and column layout of the VMS machine. Except for certain types of machines such as carousels, this layout should reflect the real-life machine. In the example above, this machine's Row 1 has 5 columns (selections) plus the skipped selection, covered below.

2. Rows in red indicate skipped selections, which means they are currently inactive and ignored by the VMS. Slots are skipped by the VMS when a slot has not recorded any sales since its installation, or because a VMS User chose to skip it in the Dex Layout tab. If a selection has been skipped in error, you can change it by activating selections from the Dex Layout tab found in the Edit Machine page.

3. This is the Device ID of the telemeter attached to the machine, if it is online. If the machine is offline or receiving MDB transactions instead of Dex, then the section on the right will be blank except for the message: This unit hasn't reported Dex in yet

4. If the telemeter is set to send MDB transactions, then you can switch to the MDB Selections tab beneath the Device ID to view them.

5. This is the timestamp of the last successful Dex received by the device. Below it is the Processed Dex

6. This group of lines comprises one row in the machine, as reported by the Dex. Each line in the Dex is a selection in the machine. The lines should at least partially match the rows shown on the left.

Following are definitions of the information found in each row:

  • PA: This is the Prekit Alias, or the slot identifier for prekitting purposes. The prekit alias shown on the right is the one reported by the Dex, but it may not necessarily match the slot identifiers marked on the physical machine. The Prekit Alias on the left side can be modified without affecting the machine's mapping.
  • R: This is the row containing the slot.
  • C: This is the column containing the slot.
  • P: This is the price of the slot, as reported by the machine. If there is a different price between the Dex price on the right and the VMS price on the left, then either the VMS price will need to be modified, or the machine price must be adjusted at the machine.
  • USI: Units Sold since Initialization, or the number of units sold for the slot.
  • SSI: Sales since Initialization, or the total amount of sales for the slot.
  • USLR: Units Sold since Last Reset. This information is reported by some machines but not others. USI and SSI are more reliable indicators of a slot's activity.

To make changes to the VMS machine layout, click Edit Rows.

You can rearrange the rows/columns of the existing slots to alter the machine's VMS layout. For example, if you adjust the Alias Row of the second selection from 1 to 2, then once you've saved, the selection will have moved from the first row to the second row of the machine layout in the VMS. It is highly recommended to ensure that the layout here reflects the real-life machine layout as closely as possible. 

Machines with unique layouts such as Coffee and Food Carousel machines may not be mapped intuitively. For assistance with these machines, you may contact Parlevel Hero Support in order to verify the correct layout. They may ask that you provide details about the machine, such as a picture of its layout, a list of its products, etc. 

You can also adjust the Prekit Aliases or prices of the selections, as needed. 

If the machine/telemeter is sending MDB transactions (and the machine is set as MDB Enabled), you can click the MDB Selections tab to view the selections that have been received. If the MDB Aliases on the right do not match the aliases assigned to the machine on the left, please contact Hero Support to have your machine re-mapped accordingly.

If some selections are missing from the list on the right (i.e. the number of selections does not match up with the real-life machine), then the missing selections should be vended from at the machine so that they appear here.

Once you are finished, you may click Save Changes to have the changes made to the machine layout. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the MDB Aliases, machine layout, or mapping, please contact Hero Support via Slack, email, or phone so that they may investigate and assist in mapping. They may ask that you vend out from all machine selections in order to verify the pattern.