Parlevel - Machine View for Offline Machines

Machine View is a popup window with detailed information about a machine. The Machine View is always accessible from any place in the VMS where the name of the machine is clickable.



The machine's general information is displayed at the top of the Machine View; this does not change as you go through the different screens of the Machine View. The following is the explanation of this information from left to right.

  • Furthest left is the Machine ID, which is the number automatically assigned to the machine upon creation and can't be changed. 
  • If assigned, the next ID is the machine's asset number, which is a unique number you can create track your equipment. 
  • The name of the route that this machine is assigned to.

  • The location of the machine. You can click the location pin icon to view the Location Details screen, which includes a location map.

  • The machine name.

    On the right side, you have:
  • The machine type icon. Hover your cursor over this icon to view the machine type tooltip.

  • The connection status. There is no telemeter for an offline machine. The connection status icon displayed is either a green if the machine is set as Active by the user or a red icon if the machine is set as Disconnected by the user.

  • N/A is displayed here where the inventory fill percentage is normally displayed for an online machine.
  • OFFLINE is displayed instead of the total amount of money in sales for this machine since the last time it was collected.

  • Days since the last time the machine was serviced (DSLS)

  • (If available) To print the QR code that identifies this machine, click Print QR Code .

  • To print the planogram for this machine, click Print Planogram .

The following buttons are at the bottom of all screens of the Machine View:

  • Close

  • Edit Machine 
    - For additional information on editing a machine, see Machine Edit.

  • Modify Parlevels / Prices 
    - For additional information on modifying parlevels and prices, see Modify Inventory and Prices.

Screens of the Machine View from left to right

Overview eyepitome

  • The Overview screen displays the full machine planogram including: price, current inventory, and par for every selection. Paired selections will not show this information but will show the name of the selection they are paired to. Hover your cursor over a product to display the full product name, net weight, and container type.

    If a product is tagged as healthy, the product will be displayed with a green background and a leaf . For additional information on product tags, see Product tags.

  • Merchandising and Optimization are not available on offline machines.

Machine info 

  • The information is divided into two sections:

    • General Info: Displays information about the machine type, model, etc.

    • Communication and Stats: Displays meters, and service history data.

      Since there is no live communication with the machine, only historic information is shown.


  • This screen displays Product Stocked, which is information about products stocked in the machine during servicing. This includes: timestamp based on the service date and time, product name, number of stocked items, and the price of the product at the moment of service.

  • This is based off of information recorded when a driver services the offline machine on a route. Since the machine is offline, there is no other way to track inventory/quantities like there is for an online machine.
  • If set, any machine prekitting or forecasting will be based on the information recorded here.
  • Machine Full Report opens the Machine Full Report screen, which displays detailed sales information for the last 30 days.

Tech tickets 

  • This screen displays active tickets by default. To edit the active tickets, click Edit to the right of the ticket.

  • To view all tickets, including inactive and closed tickets for this machine, click View Complete Ticket History.
  • You can view more ticket details by navigating to Vending > Tech Tickets.

Service History

  • This screen displays all the services performed on this machine.

    • Est. Sales displays the total estimated sales for the machine.

    • Service Avg displays the average amount collected during services.

    • Service Date displays the time and date the driver pressed the Fill/DEX button in the machine.

      • To view the service ticket detail for that service, click the Service Date. For additional information about the Service Ticket details, see Service Tickets.

      • To display the route view for that day, click . For additional information about the route view, see Route Progress.
    • Collected Offline displays the amount of money collected in this service.

    • Cash Meter displays the cash meter level at the time of service. This should be entered by the driver at the time of service.

    • Action displays the kind of service performed (Service & Collect, Collect Only, Service Only, Repair).


  Use machine notes to document important machine information that will not change over time. All users with access to the VMS can post notes.

  • If notes have been posted for the machine, they will be displayed in a list with the Creator and Timestamp for each note shown.

    • The notes are sorted by their timestamp, with the most recent note at the top.

    • Click the note to expand it and read its contents.

    • To create a new Note, type a note in the Post new note field.

    • Click Post.

    • Edit an existing post by clicking Edit at the top right corner of the note. Delete an existing post by clicking Delete at the top right corner of the note.

      You can only edit or delete your own notes. If you are logged in as a Manager, then you can delete notes that were not created by you, but you still will not be able to edit them.

    • To view Service Notes, click Service Notes at the top right of the screen. These are notes that can be added by Managers through the VMS or Drivers through the Driver App/Stock that are directly related to a specific machine service. For additional information about adding Service Notes, see Route Progress and Driver App.

      Service Notes look similar to Machine Notes (timestamp, creator, content), but there are no edit or delete options.

Machine History

  • History of Product Changes is the default landing screen for the Machine History tab. It shows a six-month history of product changes for this machine.

  • Clicking the icons to the right of the screen title will display the six-month history for the following:


For information about uploading machine pictures, see Implementation.

  • Pictures are sorted by date, starting with the most recent.

  • To rotate a picture, click rotate until the picture is oriented correctly.

  • Click Service Pics to view pictures taken during machine services. To upload service pictures, see Route Progress and Driver App.

    • Every service picture is displayed along with its timestamp and the name of the user that originally uploaded it.

    • To rotate a service picture, click rotate until the picture is oriented correctly.

Prekit Settings 

  • This screen displays the prekit settings for this machine.

  • To modify the Machine Prekit Settings, click to the right of the screen title. For additional information about prekit groups, see Prekit Groups.

To close the Machine View, click Close, or click anywhere outside the Machine View.