Parlevel - Manual Parlevel

This article covers the use of Manual Parlevel for online machines. For use with an offline machine, see Offline Service and  Stock App.

From Stock (Driver)


Any time you go to service a routed machine, Stock will have an option allowing you to mark the machine as serviced with a Manual Parlevel, shown on the right. 

Manual Parlevel should only be used as a last resort when a Fill/Service DEX is not going through when attempting to service an online machine. Because Manual Parlevels can affect accurate inventory count and cash consolidation, they are not intended for use as an equivalent to a Fill/Service DEX.

Inventory adjustment should only be made after a Fill DEX, not after Manual Parlevel is used.

Parlevel - Warning Notification Icon.png Disclaimer: Using Manual Parlevel can affect consolidations because it uses the information provided by the individual servicing the machine and not the most up-to-date DEX file information. However, Manual Parlevel is fine and expected with offline or MDB-enabled machines, and micro markets. 

From the VMS

You should only use Manual Parlevel when your driver performed the specified action (Service & Collect, Service Only, etc.) for an online machine but forgot to press the Fill/DEX button. This action immediately adds the inventory to the machine as specified in the prekitting sheet for the actions Service Only and Service & Collect, and will reset the money to $0.00.

Manual Parlevel Parlevel - VMS Network Icon.png is located on the Route Progress page. 

  1. Click the Parlevel - VMS Network Icon.png located in the Manual PL column to perform a Manual Parlevel.

  2. The following dialog box will appear:

  3. If you're certain, click Machine was serviced and money pulled!

    When you manual parlevel your online machine, the information on the route progress screen will change: