Parlevel - Money Counter Integration


To integrate your money counter with your VMS, connect your computer to the Bill/ Coin counter using either a serial port or USB. The application to integrate the counter to your VMS is available in the Google Chrome Web Store.

For instructions specific to a JetSort coin counter, please see further in the article.

  1. Type parlevel in the Web Store search field.

  2. Download Parlevel Serial Monitor and Parlevel Autofill. (These are both links to help you find these extensions, as well.)

  3. Verify that the icon is next to the address bar.

  4. To open the Parlevel Serial Monitor, click the icon.

  5. In the Port drop down menu, select COMM1 (or the port the Counter is connected to).

  6. In the Baud Rate drop down menu, select 9600.

  7. Click Connect.

  8. Verify in the Console Window that Ready! is displayed, indicating the system is set up and ready to count.

    • If Ready is not displayed, close the serial monitor using the top right X.

    • Re-launch the extension using the icon.
  9. Check the "Enable Bag Number" if you will be entering a bag number into the coin counter.
  10. In the VMS, click Routes.

  11. Select Service History from the drop down menu.

  12. Here you will see the list of completed routes you have run in the last month. If you want to see further back, you can change the date range and click the green  to view results.

  13. Click the green in the Consolidated On column for the route you wish to consolidate.

  14. On the money counter, press Start Batch.

  15. If using the Bag Number feature, enter the bag number into the coin counter.
    If your driver is entering the bag numbers in the Stock app, you will see the numbers displayed in the Bag field.

  16. Deposit coins and bills into the counter, and begin counting. Once complete, press End Batch.
    If you enter a bag number that is not assigned to a machine, an error will display on the Consolidation page.

  17. Continue this process until you have finished the entire route, and then click Save Consolidation at the bottom of the page.

  18. When done, remember to close the Serial Monitor at the end of the session.

If you need to switch between systems (Streamware, Validata) select the red Disconnect button on the Parlevel Serial Monitor.


1. While the machine is in Batch Ended mode, press and hold the red button.

2. Select Enter Setup Mode on the screen. 

3. Select Port Setup from the list of options.

4. Hit Next until the Port Setup 1 dialogue changes to Port Setup 4. It should appear like the image above.

5. For BAUD, select 9600.

For Data, select 8.

For Parity, select None.

6. Hit Exit.

7. Select Peripheral Formats from the Setup Main Menu.

8. Select Computer Interface.

9. From the setup menu that follows, you will only need to change the PRTOCL setting to Immed and the ACK setting to Off

10. Hit Exit until you reach normal operational mode.

To return the sorter's settings to normal, please follow these steps in reverse.