Parlevel - Money Counter Integration


The steps below serve as instructions for using a money counter in conjunction with route or bag consolidation. To integrate your money counter with your VMS for route consolidation purposes, connect your computer to the Bill/Coin counter using either a serial port or USB. 



  1. After connecting your bill/coin counter to your computer, navigate to the appropriate route consolidation page or the Bag Consolidation page under Routes.

  2. In the top right corner of the page, click Money Counter.

  3. Check the box on the left that says Enable Bag Number.

  4. Click Receive Data.

  5. On the money counter, press Start Batch.

  6. When the machine has finished counting, hit the Labels button.

  7. Enter the bag number that was just counted.
    If you enter a bag number that is not assigned to a machine, an error will display on the Consolidation page.

  8. Hit Enter.

  9. Hit End.

  10. Confirm that the counted amount populated in the correct fields on the Consolidation page.
  11. Continue this process until you have finished the entire route, and then click Save Consolidation at the bottom of the page.