Parlevel - PCI Compliance Protocol Instructions


These instructions are intended for operators of Parlevel Pay devices. You may also view the attached .PDF file for instructions.

iPayment PCI Compliance Process

Everyone that acts as a merchant of record in accepting cashless payments must fill out a questionnaire online.

Visit and create login and password credentials. You will also need your MID (Merchant ID) number and Tax ID. Parlevel Customer Success or Hero Support can assist in providing these.

Choose and answer Self Assessment Questionnaire A. It's a very basic questionnaire with only 4 questions that must all be answered YES in order to be compliant. 

Part 3 Relationships will ask a series of questions concerning Quality Integrators and Resellers (QIR). In most cases, you will answer NO to all questions in order to remain compliant.

If you are renewing your PCI Compliance certificate, part 4 Processing Solution will ask if any of your information has changed in the last year.

When finished, verify your information and submit it. 

You can have the system email you three confirmation files, including a certificate of compliance, which must be forwarded to Connie at iPayment/PCS. Beginning at that time until one year you will be considered PCI Compliant.

Parlevel Hero Support: (210) 200-8873 

iPayment (also known as PCS): Connie Campbell, Premier Client Services, 866.427.7297 Prompt 5 

iPayment PCI Compliance