Parlevel - Machine List

You can view all of your machines in the Machine List. This document will help you locate and understand the information displayed about your machines.

  1. To view the Machine List, click Vending in the top navigation bar.

  2. Select All Machines from the drop down menu. This is your Machine List.


  3. Click Toggle Columns in the upper left corner of the screen.

  4. Select the columns of information you want to see in your Machine List.

  5. To the right of Toggle Columns, click Filter to change which machines are displayed in your Machine List. The default setting is All (Connected), which displays all of your connected machines.

  6. New Machine, Alert Groups, Prekit Groups, and Options are located in the upper right corner of the screen. For additional information about creating a new machine, alert groups, and prekit groups, see Quick Start or their respective articles in Parlevel University. The Options dropdown allows you to bulk-edit Prekit Group settings from this page, and the Print QR Codes will bring up a list of QR codes for Goldex/BlueDex or Suelware.

Explanation of columns in the Machine List from left to right

  Clicking on any column title will cause the list to sort by that column info. You can also use the field under the column title to search for specific criteria.

  1. ID is the unique number generated by the system when a machine is created. It is auto-incrementing and cannot be modified.

  2. Asset is a unique, custom number your company can create to track your equipment. If an asset number is not provided, the system-generated ID will be used as the asset number.

  3. Machine is the machine name that you have assigned to the machine.

  4. Location is the location of the machine.

  5. Type is the machine type.

  6. Make/Model is the make and model of the machine.

  7. Device ID is different from the first column (ID). The Device ID is the ID number for the telemeter assigned to the machine. If the telemeter is a Parlevel Box, there will be a Parlevel signal next to the Device ID:

    • Green Parlevel signal : Parlevel Box is online.

    • Red Parlevel signal : Parlevel Box is not communicating and may have a Breakdown Alert that needs attention.

  8. Route is the route the machine is assigned to.

  9. Prekit Group is the prekit group the machine is assigned to.

  10. First DEX displays the timestamp of when a machine completed its first successful DEX to Parlevel.

  11. Last Communication is the time and date the machine's telemeter last communicated with the VMS.

    • If the time/date is red, the machine has not been communicating and may have a Breakdown Alert that needs attention.

    • If the machine is an offline machine, a gray box with the word Offline is displayed.

  12. Last Service displays the last time and date the machine was service and what type of service was performed, indicated by color:

    • Blue: service and collect.

    • Light blue: service only.

    • Green: collect only.

    • Red: repair.

    • Gray: not serviced.

  13. Tags are descriptive labels you can give to the machine.

  14. Details are icons that describe the details of the machine at a glance:

  15. Click Edit to edit the machine, or click Delete to delete the machine.