Parlevel - H10 - PP+ Pre-Paid Cards & Test Cards

Nayax VPOS and VPOS Touch readers can read both Magnetic Strip cards that can be acquired from Nayax and standard RFID cards, so long as they are 13.56MHz and Mifare Classic. These use a set balance to purchase product at a machine, and may serve as a test card for an operator, or a pre-paid card for a business's employees as a closed loop system of subsidizing products for a particular account.

Setting Up Cards

1. In the Nayax portal, go to Consumers > Card Management. Click + Add New Card

2. Search for and select the Operator. The cards made will work in all machines under this operator, unless the card is assigned to a sub-operator or branch with lower hierarchy.

3. For Card Type, select Pre-Paid.

4. For Card Physical Type, select Swipe for a magnetic card, or Contactless Card for an RFID card.

5. Under Card Unique Identifier, you will enter the number encoded on the card's magnetic stripe or chip. For MIFARE cards, insert the hexidecimal value only. If you do not know this value, see the section Finding the Unique Card Identifier further down in this article.
Please note that this number cannot be modified once a card has been created.

6. In Display Card Number, you may enter a number or name for reference (e.g. Soandso's Card).

7. Set the Status to Active

8. You may enter information into the Card Holder Details, as needed.

9. Click Save.

10. Click the card, then Change Credit tab. Add an amount for the Additional credit money field, and then click Change Credit

11. You can change other settings under the card's General tab. These include:

  •  Daily Spending Limits (even per day of the week)
  • Monthly Spending Limits
  • Monthly automatic reloads (can choose whether amount accumulates or caps)
  • Option to designate as a single-use card
  • Option to set an expiration date
  • Option to allow the card to work on certain machines under an operator, or all

You can also access the card's usage History.

Finding the Unique Card Identifier 

1. Swipe or tap the card at an active PP+ reader.

2. In the Nayax portal, go to Operations > Machines, search for the machine in question, and select Info > Last Alerts.

3. In the resulting popup, there should be a recent notification describing a failure to identify a certain card, listing a number as its Identifier. 

4. Copy this number and use it as the Card Unique Identifier when creating the pre-paid card.