Parlevel - Consolidation


It is recommended that you consolidate the route after every service in order to track money collection, overages/underages, and any history of Manual Parleveling machines. Failure to consistently consolidate may result in inaccurate expected collections for current and future planned services. 

For Bag Consolidation, please see this article.

To consolidate your route, click for the route you want to consolidate on the Service History screen. For information about Service History, see Service History.

The following is an explanation of the columns from left to right:

  • Transaction #: This is the transaction number assigned for the machine. This may be a clickable link on some online machines that opens a related Service Ticket.

  • Asset #: This is the unique number your company created to track your equipment.

  • Location: This is the location that the machine is assigned to.

  • Machine: This is the machine name. This is a clickable link that opens the Machine View.

  • Action: The action performed during the machine's service.

  • Status: This indicates if the machine has been Serviced or Consolidated.

  • Time: This is the date and time the machine was serviced.

  • Type: This is the type of service performed, e.g. MPL (Manual Parlevel) or Scheduled.

  • $ Sold: The total amount sold since the last service. This number will populate when a machine is serviced via Fill/DEX. If the machine is offline or manually parleveled, it will display $0.00 because there is no estimate for the Sold amount. If available, you can hover over the to see a break down of cash, cashless, and refunds.

  • $ Cashless: The total amount in credit card sales since the last service. This is only displayed in online machines with a cashless capabilities.

  • $ Cash To Collect: When a machine is serviced using Fill/DEX, this column displays the sum of the expected bills and coins to collect. If offline or manually parleveled, $0.00 will appear.

  • Bag #: Enter the bag number.

  • Bills: Record the dollar amount of bills that are collected during this service.

  • Coins: Record the dollar amount of coins that are collected during this service.

  • $ Collected: This is automatically updated when you enter the amount of bills and coins collected during this service.

  • Refunds: Enter the total amount of refunds issued directly to the account during service, if any.

  • Change Added: Total amount of change that was deducted from the petty change bag or coin overflow and used to restock the coin mech. Change Added amounts will be used in the calculations for over/shorts.

  • O/S: This is the amount of money you are over or short for this machine during this service. This is automatically populated. This column is hidden for Money Entry users.

    Click Save Consolidation.

For more in-depth coverage of consolidations, please see Reviewing Consolidations.