Parlevel - Route Progress

To view a route that is in progress, go to the Routes dropdown at the top left, which will display the available routes. Hovering over a route will list any planned routes. Select as appropriate.

  1. The route's progress status, route name, driver name, and truck name are located at the top of the screen. The date the route is planned for is located at the top right of the screen.

    This is the location table:

    • The location name is listed in bold. The machines for this location are listed as Serviced/Total (1/3) with a circular progress meter.

    • The time below the progress meter is the time the last machine was marked as serviced.

    • Beneath the time is the total amount of money collected so far.

  2. The serviced and total locations, serviced and total machines, and amount of money collected/expected and overages/shortages reflecting the difference are displayed below the location table, as seen below.

  3. To remove the location from the route, click on the right side.

  4. Following is an explanation of columns displaying information about each machine:

    • Type: This is an icon indicating the type of machine. To see the tooltip text for the type, hover your mouse over the icon.

    • Machine Name: To open the Machine View popup, click the machine name. For detailed information, see Machine View: Online and Machine View: Offline. The following are explanations for possible icons displayed to the right of the machine name:
      : indicates a breakdown alert for this machine and it requires attention.
      : indicates this machine has a credit card reader.
      : indicates this machine is an offline machine.
      : indicates this machine has assets to prekit.
      : indicates this machine is a top seller.
      : indicates that this is a paired kiosk (only applicable to Micro Market kiosks)

    • PL: (parlevel percentage) This indicates how full the machine is. This is not applicable to offline machines.

    • $ Sold: This is the amount sold since the last service.

    • $ Expected: This is set to $0.00 until the machine is serviced. When the machine is serviced, the expected amount will be shown.
      will be displayed to the right of the money expected if the service is not consolidated yet.

    • Action: This indicates which service the driver will perform while visiting the machine. There are currently four options, Service Only (fill product only), Collect Only (only collect money), Service and Collect (fill product and collect money), and Repair (repair an issue on the machine). The action will default to whatever option is set on the Machine Edit page.

      • If the word Audit appears next to the action, the machine is scheduled to have an inventory audit performed during this service.
    • Service time: This is the time the machine was serviced. 

    • Manual PL : For an online machine, only use this action when your driver performed the specified action at the machine but forgot to press the Fill/DEX button. This action immediately adds the inventory to the machine as specified by the prekitting (for the actions Service Only and Service & Collect) and will reset the money to $0.00.

      • Use this option for an offline machine to indicate it as serviced and/or collected.
    • Notes : To view, edit, or create Service Notes, click the note icon . These notes only save to the service, not to the machine itself.

      • Add or edit a note using the text box, and click Save.

      • To edit a note, click Edit .

      • To delete a note, click Delete .
    • Remove Machine : To remove a single machine from the route before it is serviced, click .

    • View Service Ticket : To view the service ticket for a machine after it has been serviced, click . For more information about Service tickets, see Service Tickets.
    • Users logged in as Managers can perform a number of actions for the machine using the Support dropdown, shown in the image below. These include:
      • Rolling back the service performed on the machine to mark it as unserviced,
      • Switching a service type from Service & Collect to Service Only, or vice versa,
      • Moving the machine to another planned route instance,
      • Deleting the cash meters received from the Dex (if the machine is online and meters were received), or
      • Recalculating the expected collections amount

5.   To make any changes to the prekitting, click Warehouse Prekitting at the bottom right of the screen. For additional information about the warehouse, see Warehouse Setup.

6.   To view the prekitting summary and details, click Paper Prekitting. For additional information about the prekitting pages, see Prekitting.

To add more locations to this service route, click Add To Route.

To cancel a route, click Cancel Route.

    You cannot cancel a route after its status has changed from Ready to Start.

7.   To plan the next service for this route, click Plan Next Service. The current route must be started before the next service can be planned.

8.   If you planned more machines than you actually serviced and you are not planning on finishing the other machines, manually finish the route by clicking Manually finish. This completes the route and, if you so choose, allows you to redirect the extra machines to other unfinished routes while saving the designated prekitting.


Users logged in as Managers can re-open Finished, Manually Finished, and Consolidated routes which would be otherwise unable to be modified.