Parlevel - Nayax Refund Request

As of October 2020, Nayax has introduced an automated refund process for US customers. At the end of this article there are listed the older email process for requesting a refund, which will still need to be followed for any operators outside of the US. 

Following is the process for requesting a refund. 

  1. Log in to your Nayax customer portal.
  2. Navigate to Reports > Online Reports > Dynamic Transactions Monitor.

3. To the right of any transaction listed, you may click the > button to open the options and click Request Refund.

4. In the resulting popup window, you can select whether you are requesting a full or partial refund, and list the confirmation email, which will receive a notification once the refund has been successfully submitted, and then again once the refund has been approved and processed.

To request a refund by email, please follow these instructions.

  1. In the VMS, view Nayax transactions by going to Analytics > Cashless > Parlevel Pay+ Transactions.
  2. Using the date range on the upper right, run a report, and then filter the results using the last four of the provided card number.
  3. Email with the following information to request the refund:

    - First 4 and last 4 of card number.

    - Settlement Date

    - Amount

    - Customer email to send confirmation to.