Parlevel - How do I Redeem a Gift Card?

Simply using the scanning the card at checkout will use it as payment. Otherwise there's the option to add your card's balance to your wallet.

Reloading a Wallet Using a Gift Card

  1. At the kiosk, select the Wallet button and sign in
  2. Select the account button that shows your user at the bottom of the screen
  3. Select Redeem Gift Card. A pop-up will prompt you to scan the gift card QR code
  4. Scan the gift card

If it’s scanned properly you’ll see a message appear with your new balance. Otherwise, if you receive a message stating that your gift card couldn’t be redeemed, its balance has either ran out, or it has expired.

Using a Gift Card as Payment Method

If you don't wish to create a wallet you may also use your gift card as a payment method. When used in this way, the gift card will retain its remaining balance between checkouts. In order to check out with a gift card simply:

  1. Add or scan your products as usual
  2. Select “Checkout”
  3. Scan the Gift Card at the barcode scanner

When successful you should see a green check and thank you message.

If your gift card balance isn’t sufficient to cover the purchase you may cover the remaining amount due using another form of payment or another gift card.

If you attempt to cancel an incomplete payment you’ll be presented with the option to either refund the amount to your wallet and will direct you to log in, or reject the option to refund and cancel the transaction. Note that funds aren’t able to be returned to the gift card.