Parlevel - How do I map my drink machine correctly?


For stacker drink machines, the Dex reads the machine layout based on the outside buttons instead of the columns inside the machine. For certain machine models or on machines with HVV (High Visibility Vendor) doors, the initial machine mapping is not as straightforward as the button-by-button layout; for example,  paired selections may have the mapping reflect only one of the two active selections, which can result in the layout for these machines having fewer selections than the machine does buttons. The Dex layout may also follow an unusual pattern that may not match the order when looking at the buttons. 

If your machine does not seem to be mapped correctly, you can access the machine’s STS (Space to Sales) settings to reconfigure the layout to match the machine’s buttons, or you can contact Parlevel Hero Support with further details so that they can look into the machine and Dex in order to map it correctly.