Parlevel - Prekitting Methods


There are multiple ways to prekit from your Warehouse. To have the Warehouse module enabled in your VMS, you can contact Hero Support or your CS representative.

This article proceeds on the foundation of previous lessons about prekitting and using the Warehouse. You can view these here.

Warehouse Prekitting

When prekitting, individual totes are already packed and marked before leaving to run a route. 

After the route has been finished, the Truck for the route is emptied and consolidated.

Perk: This is the most time-efficient method for drivers.

Con: This prekitting is only calculated with the DEX information from the day the route is planned, which may not be the most up to date information available.

Truck Prekitting

Much like the Empty Truck Prekit method, for this method the truck also contains bulk prekitting before routing. The prekitting is recalculated with the most recent DEX's sent, and the driver packs the totes individually. 

However, upon finishing the route the truck is consolidated but not emptied.

Perk: Time spent consolidating is shortened, because only products marked as shrinkage are removed from the truck.

Con: Trucks can accumulate inventory over time if not consolidated regularly, running the risk of inventory mistakes over time.