Parlevel - How do I create a VMS user?


This article explains how to create a new Vending Management System (VMS) user for your organization. Users can be given more or less privileges and access depending on their role within the organization. 



To create an additional VMS user:

  1. Sign in to Parlevel Systems VMS

  2. Click Settings in the navigation bar.

  3. Select Users from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click New User on the upper right side of the screen.

  5. Fill in the required fields marked with an asterisk (*).

  6. Set the role for this user by choosing a role from the drop-down menu. The access level of each role is as follows: 

    • Manager has access to all aspects of the VMS.
    • Driver has access only to their own assigned and planned routes.
    • Money Entry has access to Service History with the ability to consolidate routes.
    • Warehouse has access to Warehouse prekitting only.
    • Implementation can access the Implementation Tool to build machines.
    • Route Manager can access all parts of the VMS except Analytics.
    • Technician has access to view tech tickets in the driver apps only.
    • Salesman can request the creation of Accounts, Locations, and machines (specifying models, products, pars, and prices). 

  7. Click Save Changes.