Parlevel - Generating Gift Cards

In your VMS, you can generate batches of gift cards for your markets by navigating to Markets > Gift Cards

Generally, batches of gift cards are requested and paid for upfront by specific Accounts. You can select the appropriate Account using the first dropdown menu, and then enter the number and value on each gift card using the next two fields, seen below. Then you will click Generate Giftcards in the upper righthand corner.

The batch you generated will appear under Gift Card History and will show the information you filled in plus the date and time the batch was created.

From left to right, we will cover the options displayed to the right of each batch.

  • Using the Print this Template button, you can pull up an easy-to-print gift card template with the QR codes and Account name. This will automatically be generated in Avery Labels format.
  • Using the Print as Vouchers button, you can enter a custom Voucher message (e.g. "Happy Business Anniversary!") and the voucher template will appear in PDF format with the custom message, QR code, dollar amount, and the Parlevel logo. These will also appear as Avery Labels.
  • Using the Regenerate this Template button, you can generate another batch of templates identical to one already created.
  • Using the View this Template button, you can view the details of the gift cards in the batch, seen below. These details include the numeric value associated with each gift card's QR code, when/if it was used, and what balance is on the card. 

  • Using the Deactivate this Template button, you can delete the template, which will render all gift cards in the batch inactive, as well.