Parlevel - Market Transactions for Hubz

Under Analytics > Markets > Transactions, you will be able to review an optimized report detailing the transactions for your smart coolers. This report is separate from the Markets > Transactions page, which details each individual transaction, and in this case is more accurate than other financial analytics reports, which are not made specifically for Hubz. 

This report is also intended for micro markets, so it's worth noting that not all columns will apply to Hubz coolers specifically. For Hubz, these columns should remain $0 on the report. In this article, these columns are marked with an asterisk (*).

Under the Options dropdown, you can Print or Export the report.

You will need to select a date range for the report and click to run it. Here we will break down the report in sections.

  • Asset: This is the asset ID of the cooler.
  • Machine Name: This is the name assigned to the cooler. It is a clickable link that will open the pop-up cooler modal.
  • Location Name: This is the location that the cooler is assigned to.
  • Recharges: *
  • Recharged: *
  • Recharged Cash: *
  • Recharged Cashless: *

  • Purchases: This is the total number of purchases made at the cooler for the selected date range. It should be the same as the number under the column Kiosk (defined below).
  • Purchased: This is the total amount of money made from the purchases.
  • Purchased Cash: *
  • Purchased Cashless: This is the amount of any transactions that were made by cashless pay.
  • Purchased Wallet: *

  • Total Cash: *
  • Total Cashless: This is the total of the Recharged Cashess and the Purchased Cashless columns.
  • Total Wallet: *
  • Kiosk: This is the total number of purchases made at the cooler.
  • Koin: *