Parlevel - 4 Tips for a Successful Micro Market Grand Opening


Holding a grand opening for your Micro Market is essential for your market’s overall success. An effective grand opening gets people excited, trains them on how to use the market, and informs them of what items you have available for purchase. Here are 4 ways to hold the perfect Micro Market grand opening.

1. Bring Tastings & Samples

Not every Micro Market location has the same tastes. For fresh food, bring samples for employees to try. They’ll know what type of food your market has to offer, and you’ll know what products will sell well.

2. Train Onsite

Have a representative there to make employees comfortable using your market. Whether they are from your company or technology provider, use this opportunity to teach customers how to use the kiosk. The more comfortable they are in using the kiosk, the more they’ll buy from it.

3. Place Informative Signage

Put your contact information by the kiosk in case customers need to reach you. Place kiosk how-tos around the market. If new employees are hired since the training, or others were out that day, this signage will educate them on using the kiosk.

4. Make It Into An Event

Hype the grand opening! Build excitement! Bring Balloons! Have a ribbon cutting! A company getting a new breakroom solution is an exciting thing! Make sure your location is excitedto buy from your market every time they see it.

Follow these steps for a great Micro Market opening!