Parlevel - H11 - Troubleshooting a Parlevel Pay Plus Device

This is a short guide for troubleshooting the Parlevel Pay+ Devices powered by Nayax. 

Ethernet Connectivity

Parlevel Pay Plus devices are "plug and play" when it comes to using an ethernet connection. Ethernet should only be used when there is poor/no cellular reception in the area in which the machine is located. All Parlevel Pay Plus devices come with cellular data and an antenna.

 Please note: the ethernet connection overrides the cellular data connection when plugged in, whether the connection is stable or not.

If the Parlevel Pay Plus device is plugged in via ethernet and the internet connection fails, the device does not "fall back" or "switch over" to cellular data.

In order to use cellular data, unplug the ethernet cable from the device. If the device is switching back and forth from ethernet to cellular data, there is most likely a loose or damaged LAN port or a bad ethernet cable. 

Parlevel Pay Plus warranty does not cover physical damage, which includes the LAN port being loose.

The ethernet cable should be plugged into the Amit 3.0 device via the LAN port in the bottom right.


Card Reader Displays "Cash Only"

The following could lead to this issue:

  • Having the physical MDB harness coming from the Nayax device connected to a coin mech instead of having the coin mech plugged into the pigtail from our MDB harness cable.
  • If the machine has a setting to enable MDB or enable Cards/Card readers, you need to make sure that setting is enabled properly. The Amit telemetry device should read "MDB Enabled". Consult your machine manufacturer to check if there is a setting that needs to be adjusted. Most Crane and Seaga machines have this setting to toggle in the service menu.

Signal Strength

If you are having trouble connecting or staying connected to the cellular network, always check the antenna and the antenna cable for sharp bends, nicks, cuts, and a flush, screwed-on connection.

How to Restart and Reset the Telemeter

  • To restart the telemeter, simply press and hold the two black buttons that read "Menu" and "Enter" until the screen is off.
  • As soon as the screen is off, quickly press and hold the red Money + yellow Dolly buttons until the screen turns on again. It will then switch on as normal.