Parlevel - Manual Count Feature for Offline Machines

The Manual Count feature provides an additional option for recording inventory when servicing offline machines through the Stock app and in the VMS. The Manual Count indicates a product quantity in the machine for a given selection, and is used by the offline machine in future services' prekit and forecast calculations. 

This feature will allow an operator or driver to ensure that proper offline inventory quantities are recorded and tracked, allowing offline machines to more consistently maintain quantities closer to par level. Please note the the manual count is optional but should always be in addition to indicating the product quantity stocked.

Stock App

When viewing the inventory for an offline machine, you can enter a manual count in two ways:

  • For a single slot, you can tap > Manual Count, seen to the right. On the following pop-up, you can enter the actual quantity of product left in the machine.
  • If a selection has had a manual count indicated, then the app will display this count underneath the + and - buttons, as seen in the image below. 

Parlevel - VMS Information Icon.png Please note that if a product name is too long to be displayed on-screen, then it will scroll, allowing you to view the full name.

Manual counts can be set for one selection, multiple, or all selections. To adjust the manual count for multiple selections, it may be easier to select "Manual count" mode from the dropdown toggle on the top left, as opposed to the traditional "Stocks" view. The feature functions the same regardless of whether the count is set by selection or in Manual count mode. 


VMS Offline Service

In the VMS, the Offline Service page includes a column for the manual count feature, displaying any adjustments made through Stock or allowing the VMS user to set the manual count themselves. For more information about offline servicing, please see our Offline Service article.