Parlevel - Editing your Market Assets

1. To begin, navigate to Markets > All Markets in the VMS. 

2. Click to the far right of the market you need to adjust, and on the following Market Edit page, click the Assets tab.

3. Click the name of the asset to view its current setup and product selection. You can click Edit Asset in the popup modal, or on the previous page click to enter the asset preview page.

4. On the top left, you can see the asset name and market you are currently editing. Switch between assets by using the Go To Asset dropdown in the top right corner. You can use the Options menu to view the asset modal, make a copy of the current asset, or enter the Modify Inventory/Prices screen. 

5. Use the buttons next to the Row to add and delete rows as necessary to complete your asset. If this asset is part of a non-koin market, it can be helpful to set up the asset to directly reflect the real-life market.

6. Hover over the product image to move the product around the rows and columns. Press the red to remove the selection or the green to add a new selection on the end of the row.

7. Click the product image to enter the Product Management screen. 

8. Under Planogram Slots you can see the selection you are viewing in the asset layout. Click a selection to view and modify its product, or use the red arrows to move between them sequentially.

9. The Special Actions dropdown will allow you to perform specific bulk actions, like applying price/parlevel/capacity/quantity changes to the entire row or asset. 

Use with care, as these changes are not easily reversed.

10.  Underneath the product image, you will have the ability to change the current attributes of the selection, including the price, quantity, parlevel, and capacity.  Set Slot as Empty will remove the current product from the selection. 

11. Use the Available Products search if you would like to replace the current product with another. Hover over the product to have it details appear on the left side of the page, and click it to have it scheduled to replace the current item.

By default, the products searched will be only the products active in your catalog, but you can uncheck the Only Show Active Products to search the master catalog by keywords.

It is recommended to search by brand first to narrow results, rather than the flavor or product, which can return a large number of search results. (e.g. "Mrs. Freshley's" and then search the results for "donut sticks")

When you select a replacement product, the new product will appear next to the current one to indicate that it will be changed the next time the market is serviced (shown above). In order to have the change take place immediately, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and check the Force Instant Product Changes? box before saving.

12. After adjusting all of your products and their attributes, you can click Save Changes to confirm, and click Back to Preview to go back to the asset preview. Your changes will have taken place if you checked the correct box (see above), or any products with a scheduled change will appear like the image below.