Parlevel - Wallet Reload Promotions

Inside your VMS, you can run limited promotions for your Micro Markets by navigating to Markets > All Markets, searching for the Market on which the promotion is to be run, and clicking the Edit icon on the very far right to enter the Market Edit page. 

Navigate to the Settings tab, where your promotion information can be seen in the middle column, as in the image below. 

There are two kinds of wallet reload promotions that can be run: Cash and Credit. They can be run independently of each other, to encourage use of one or the other, and apply specifically to Wallet Recharges.

Under the applicable heading, choose the Promotion Type and change it from Disabled to Percent (%) or Flat Rate ($), depending on your preference. 

Under Promotion Amount, enter either your flat rate promotional amount in dollars, or the percent amount calculated from and added to your customers' Recharge amount. A percentage amount generally incentivizes your customers to recharge more at once, which results in a better Transaction Fee from your payment processor.

You can set a Minimum on the Cash Recharges if you would like.

Be sure to click Save Changes in the bottom right corner to begin the Promotion.


When you wish to end the Promotion, you will need to set Promotion Type back to Disabled, and save your changes in order for it to take effect.