Parlevel - What is prekitting and what does prekitting by the unit, half-case, and case mean?

Prekitting is the process used to predict and pack the items a machine needs without having to check the physical machine first. Following are three methods by which you can prekit, according to your preference or operation.

  • By unit: For every unit sold at the machine, the VMS will call for one to fill what is missing. You can set minimum units per product if needed.
  • By case: A machine will not call for prekit until at least a case's worth of product is sold at the machine. For example, if the case quantity of a can of Coke is 24 count, then the prekit will not call for Coke until at least 24 are needed to fill the selection up to parlevel.
  • By half-case: This is the same as by case, except the prekit will call when at least half a case-worth of product is needed. Using the prior example, a machine would not call for prekit for Coke until at least 12 are needed. 


These settings can be customized using Prekit Groups and the product settings in the Product Catalog. Here we have an article regarding Prekit Groups, and here we have a short video on how to edit individual product attributes, which include prekitting methods.

If you have any other questions, you may reach out to Parlevel Hero Support or your Customer Success rep for assistance or training.