Parlevel - What is the difference between Total Collected, Total Sales, and Total Revenue?


These three columns will be displayed in various reports throughout the VMS:

  • Total Collected: This is the sum of 'Cash Collected' and 'Cashless Sales' amounts collected from serviced machine(s) whose service time occurs within the report's specified date range.
  • Total Sales: This is the sum of the 'Cash Sales' and 'Cashless Sales' reported through DEX or MDB communications.
  • Total Revenue: This is the 'Cash Collected' (based on recorded services) and the 'Cashless Sales' as they report in through DEX or MDB.

'Total Revenue' is the most utilized by Parlevel Operators, as it is the most accurate to your company's true cash flow ('Cash Sales' are collected at servicing; 'Cashless Sales' are deposited daily or weekly).

Note: These values will not equate to one another, nor should that be the expectation when reviewing the reports. This is due to the dynamic nature of machine servicing and the timing of report generation. However, over enough time each of these column values will account for all sales generated during the report's specified date range.