Parlevel - How to Apply a Bulk Product Swap to Multiple Machines


Following are instructions on how to apply a bulk product change to multiple machines.

1. In your VMS, navigate to Settings > Warehouse > Products, and then filter for or search to find the appropriate product.

2. Select the icon to view the Product Info modal, and then the tab to bring up the Selections tab, which displays all machines to which the product is assigned.

3. Use the checkboxes on the left to select which machines you would like to swap the products, and then indicate the product to replace the initial one, and its updated price.

 Important: If the replacement product is already in the physical machines, then the Force checkbox should be selected before hitting Submit. This will indicate to the system that these products are changed immediately within the VMS. Otherwise, the product change will be scheduled and not changed until the next time the machines are serviced.