Parlevel - Changing the Kiosk Graphics & Scrolling Marquee

1. On the All Markets page, click Parlevel - VMS Edit Pencil Icon.png to the far right of the market for which you would like to change the image.

2. On the Settings tab, the lefthand column contains two sections:

  • In the Kiosk Marquee Text field, you may enter a string of text to have scroll across the top of the kiosk screen. If left empty, the marquee text set in the Location Settings will be used instead, if applicable.
  • Under Kiosk Image, you may click Choose File to select an image from your computer by browsing your files or navigating to the image path. Alternatively, you can also simply drag and drop the image into the box beneath the button. 

Parlevel - VMS Information Icon.png Please note that the kiosk application will need to be refreshed in order for your changes to take effect. This can be done on-site by tapping the Parlevel logo in the top left corner of the kiosk screen, or it will do so automatically after 8-10 minutes, so long as the kiosk is connected to a working network.