Parlevel - POS Sales by Hour

Under Analytics > Vending Financial > POS Sales by Hour, you can view a report of your machines' or markets' sales by the hour. 

You will first need to select a machine or market from the POS dropdown, and then click .

This report was run for a vending machine. Since vending machines receive DEX reports at regular intervals, the sales are grouped together and not timestamped individually. For a market, the sales would be much more evenly distributed since a kiosk records and timestamps each transaction.

Each value is an accumulation of data since the machine's creation. 

Outside of the regular Scheduled DEX times, there may be rows, typically with smaller values, that result from the device being Fill DEX'd when the machine was serviced. 

The % and Acum % columns are that particular hour's sales as a percentage of the total and the running cumulative percentage, respectively. The color coded rows are identified as follows:

  • Brown: This is the threshold marking the first 25% of the day's sales.
  • Orange: This is the threshold marking 50% of the day's sales.
  • Yellow (not pictured): This is the threshold marking 75% of the day's sales.
  • Green: This is the threshold for the end of the day, or 100% of sales.

Beneath the table is all the data plotted out on a line graph. 

This provides a visual representation of your peak selling times, though with vending machines it will be a more general timeframe due to regular DEX's. Markets, in contrast, with be more evenly dispersed, seen below.

If you click the in the upper right corner, you can print the image, or download it as an image.

At the top right of the page, you can click Options and either print or export the report.