Parlevel - 365 Retrofit Kit Installation Guide for Kiosks

In this article, you will find instructions on how to install the Retrofit Kit for a Micro Market Kiosk. There are images to help guide you.

For this process, you will need:

  • Bezel and power supply for Credit Card Reader
  • CPU (PC Box)
  • Serial-to-USB (Bill Validator Cable)
  • DisplayPort Cable
  • VGA Cable (male-to-male)
  • VGA-to-DisplayPort Adaptor
  • USB Hub
  • Velcro for mounting CPU
  • Hardware for mounting Bezel

1. Remove the modem cover and the modem on the back of the kiosk.

2. Open the back of the kiosk and disconnect all cables from the CPU.

3. Dismount the CPU by removing the screws while supporting the box so it does not fall.

4. Dismount the current bezel by using a 5/16 in. socket wrench to remove the hardware and unroute the cable from the kiosk.

5. Remove the cable that was connecting the monitor to the CPU and the CPU's power supply.

6. Drill holes for the new bezel using a 11/64 in. drill bit. Use the provided drill template lined up with the existing top right hole.

7. Mount the new bezel with the provided hardware.

8. Connect the power supplies for both the new bezel and CPU. Feed the cables through the tube to the inside of the kiosk.

9. Connect power cable to the back of the bezel and to the power supply.

10. Connect the monitor to the CPU. If the monitor has a DisplayPort, you will need only one cable. If it has a VGA connector, you will need the included VGA-to-DisplayPort adapter.

11. Mount the USB hub and CPU using the provided velcro.

12. If your kiosk includes a bill acceptor, connect the acceptor cable to the provided Serial-to-USB adapter and connect it to the USB hub.

13. Finished. Everything should be connected as shown below.