Parlevel - Configuring a Wired Ethernet Connection on a Kiosk (Static IP)

1. Acquire a USB keyboard; plug into the kiosk (typically with white USB dongle inside).

2. Tap kiosk application to ensure active and focused. Press Ctrl + Q on the keyboard to quit the application.

3. Press Windows + M (Command + M) to bring up the desktop menu.

4. Select Network Configuration.

5. Using the arrow keys, highlight Edit a Connection and press Enter.

6. Highlight Wired Connection 1 and hit Enter.

7. Highlight <Automatic> next to IPV4 CONFIGURATION and hit Enter.

8. Select Manual and then hit Enter.

9. Press right arrow key to highlight Show, then press Enter. 

10. Enter appropriate values into the IP Addresses, Gateway, and DNS servers fields.
*Please note that if these are not entered in the correct format, e.g. dotted decimal format separated by periods such as, the OK button will not be able to be selected until the format is corrected.

11. Highlight OK at the bottom of the form, and press Enter.


The network should be configured. Please verify proper connection by attempting a cashless transaction or confirming with Hero Support before leaving.