Parlevel - How to Install a Parlevel Pay Plus Vending Reader


Never miss a sale with a Parlevel Pay Plus cashless vending reader. Boost your vending sales by accepting credit, debit, EMV dip payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more.

You can install the Parlevel Pay Plus cashless vending reader in as few as 5 minutes. Our 7-day-a-week support team is standing by to help you with remote installation, monitor your readers’ performance, and troubleshoot to help you resolve potential problems. With our support team at your back, your card readers will stay up and selling.



Items you will need

  1. Parlevel Pay Plus bezel and telemeter
  2. MDB / DEX cable
  3. Antenna
  4. Credit card cable
  5. Phillips head screwdriver
  6. ¼ inch socket set
  7. Flange plate
  8. Drill (Optional)



Once you have these items ready, power down your machine. Now we can start installing your Parlevel Pay Plus cashless reader. Here are the steps:

  1. Connect all cabling to your telemeter – Connect the MDB / DEX cable and antenna to the Parlevel Pay Plus telemeter. Then, connect your credit card cable to the device.

  2. Mount the telemeter in your machine – Using the magnetic backing provided, mount the telemeter in your machine.

  3. Connect the telemeter to the machine – Connect the DEX cable on the telemeter to the DEX port going to the control board. Disconnect the MDB line coming from the control board to the bill validator. Connect the MDB cable from the telemeter to both the board and the bill validator.

  4. Install the credit card bezel – Depending on the age and type of the of machine you are working with, you will either install a flange plate or drill through your machine to mount the reader. Once in place, route the reader cable through the machine and connect it to the back of the card reader. Secure the reader to the machine using screws.

  5. Clean up and power on – Using zip ties or other cable management, tidy up the cables inside your machine. Next, power up, close, and lock up your vending machine.

Congrats! Your reader is up, running, and ready to boost your machine sales!