Parlevel - Configuring Wireless on a Kiosk

1. Acquire a USB keyboard; plug into the kiosk (typically with white USB dongle inside).

2. Tap kiosk application to ensure active and focused. Press Ctrl + Q to quit application.

3. Press Windows + M (Command + M) to bring up the menu. Select Network Configuration.

4. Using the arrow keys, highlight Activate a Connection, then press Enter. In the following list of available networks, use the arrow keys to highlight the desired network, then select it with Enter.

5. If prompted to authenticate with a password or encryption key, do so and then press Enter.

6. Use the tab key to highlight Quit and press Enter. 

7. The wireless network is now configured. Restart the kiosk application and verify the network status on the hardware test page. You may also want to test that the network is completely functional by performing a cashless transaction.