Parlevel - How can I remove alerts and why am I getting so many?

Wherever you are in your VMS, if you look to the top right of your screen you will see an Alerts ticker () that shows you how many alerts you have. If you click it, it will take you to the alerts page where you can manage and go through your machine alerts. The alert description should point to an issue either with the machines communication, configuration, or inventory alerts and a few other helpful notices.

Once the issue is resolved, most errors are saved to auto-resolve. You can also customize your Alert Settings for the alerts that may be generating too often. To configure your Alert settings, you can also select Settings > Vending > Alert Groups. From here, you can create and customize different Alert Groups for your machines to follow. Simply create a new Alert Group, and adjust the settings as needed. Then drag-and-drop your machines into the alert group with settings you want it to follow. 

For more information on Alert Groups, please see our article here.