Parlevel - How do I add a Featured Product to my Market?


In the VMS, navigate to the Edit Market page and then to the Settings tab. First give the button a name and then add a tag such as “noupc” which will be used to group items together under your Featured Products button. 

Navigate to your product catalog and filter for the items you need. If it hasn’t been already, you will need to activate the product in your catalog. 

Select Toggle Columns  on the top left and add Tags to be able to view them. Add the same tag you added under the settings tab in the edit market page. The tags entered must match precisely, or the item will not be added to the Featured Product Category. 

Lastly, refresh your kiosk app by selecting the Parlevel logo at the top left on the kiosk screen. The product(s) should now appear in your Featured products page. If you are not on-site to refresh the kiosk, it should do so on its own after a short time.