Parlevel - How to Install a Micro Market Max 2.0 Kiosk


Welcome to your Micro Market Max 2.0 Kiosk! Here, you will learn how to install a micro market kiosk. Before we get started with the physical kiosk setup, there are a handful of things that need to be completed in the VMS (Vending Management System).


You must make sure you’ve filled out paperwork for the card reader activation, built your product catalog, assigned UPCs, and created the market in the VMS. Your Parlevel Customer Success rep will be with you every step of the way to help you complete the steps. We can even provide you a handy checklist to ensure nothing is missed in preparation for your markets go live.

Once the market is set up in the VMS we can begin the physical kiosk set up.

We recommend setting your kiosk up in your warehouse ahead of time to ensure everything is functioning properly and all products are scanning before you get to your location.

First, we’ll want to un-box our micro market kiosk. For first time customers, your kiosk will include a USB Keyboard. Every kiosk will come with Parlevel Gloves, a Microfiber cloth and the Max Kiosk Setup guide. Moving forward, we recommend keeping a USB keyboard with you in your service vehicle at all times for possible troubleshooting. Keep in mind, never use liquids for routine cleaning on your kiosk. The provided microfiber cloth can be used to wipe away dirt or smudges.

Next let’s walk through the physical installation.


  1. Plug in Power Cable: Un-box your Parlevel Max Kiosk and plug in the power cord to a wall outlet.
  2. Connect the Kiosk to the Internet: Your Parlevel Max Kiosk can connect to your internet via Ethernet or wireless connection (Parlevel recommends using Ethernet line for the most reliable connection).
    1. If the kiosk will be connected through Ethernet: locate the white Ethernet cable that is provided inside of the kiosk cabinet door and plug that directly into the Ethernet port on the wall. If a longer cord is needed, replace the pre-installed Ethernet cable by removing the backing (using the Phillips-head screwdriver) from the kiosk and routing a longer cable directly to the CPU.
    2. If the kiosk will be connected through WI-FI: Plug the USB keyboard into the USB port inside the Kiosk cabinet. After connecting the keyboard, touch anywhere on the Kiosk screen to ensure accurate calibration. Press CTRL + Q to quit the Kiosk app, afterwards press windows key + N to open the Network Manager . Navigate to WI-FI, select Activate a Connection, select intended Network, Insert the password, and press enter.
      The network has certain requirements needed in order to efficiently process transactions. These requirements can be found at our Micro Market Internet Requirements article. 
  3. Open the Kiosk App. Windows Key + k will bring the kiosk application up.
  4. Input Owner Information: First enter the company name, which is the sub-domain to your Parlevel VMS login. “{Company}”Username and password are the same credentials used to log into your Parlevel VMS. Device ID is located on the side of your kiosk (starting with PLK). Lastly, input your Gateway password (contact customer support if you do not have this available).
  5. Conduct Hardware Test: After the kiosk app is open Log in as a “Driver” using VMS credentials and run a hardware test to ensure the Kiosk is working properly. For future reference, the driver login will be used to service the Kiosk and manage products on site, Lastly, if your Kiosk includes a Bill Validator, Select “Cash”. If not select “Cashless”. Press “Start App”, to return to the home screen.

There you have it! You’ve successfully setup your Micro Market Kiosk, and it is now ready to generate sales. Remember, if you need additional assistance you can reach out to Parlevel’s support team or your Customer Success manager. Thank you for choosing Parlevel!