Parlevel - Koin Overview and Setup Checklist

The following article details how to initiate and set up your first Koin only micro market. Attached at the bottom are also usage guides for micro markets/koin, in both English and Spanish.

1. For your first Koin Virtual Market, you will need to have an initial agreement in place with Parlevel Systems. There are no monthly hardware fees associated with Koin markets, and no activation process with USAT.

You can contact your Customer Success representative to initiate the process, or, if you have already signed up for a Koin market, then you can contact them for the market PLV ID number to assign to the market in the VMS.

2. Alongside the initial agreement, you should send in your Koin Merchant Account application. You can access this by going to Company Settings > Market > Merchant Account Registration. Click Enroll to access the document.

3A.Choose Option 1 to download the PDF application. You can print the PDF, fill in your bank information, sign it, and then send the document back to, or

3B. Choose Option 2 by filling out your bank information and sign there on the webpage, and have the PDF sent to you by email, which can then be emailed back to us at the email above, which will then be processed.

    At times, the payment processor Braintree will temporarily postpone the agreement and request a copy of your driver's license as proof of identity.

4. To begin, you can go to the All Markets page in the VMS, and click New Market at the top of the page. The following page will appear as below.

5. You can enter the PLV ID given to you in the Kiosk ID field. Select Koin Only from the Kiosk Model dropdown. Assign a location, and fill out any other information as necessary.

6. After saving, go back to the All Markets page, and click to enter the Edit Market page. On the Settings tab, you will click the Enable Mobile Purchases checkbox at the bottom of the left column, and then Save Changes.

7. Next, you will need to know what products will be available in your virtual market, and ensure that they are active in your product catalog. To activate missing products, please see this video or this article.

8. Next, you will need to build the market and assets in the VMS. You can find a setup guide here.

9. You can add the products to your Koin market and assign their prices, pars, and other details using this Edit Asset article as a guide. 

You can also add and adjust products in your markets using Product Management.

10. You will then need to assign UPCs to the products through the VMS. Please see the relevant section in this article for assistance with adding UPCs. If you do not see the option to add UPCs through the VMS, then you will need to contact Hero Support or your Customer Success rep to have the option enabled. 

If you already have other markets set up in the VMS, the UPCs previously entered for products will carry over to your Koin market, so you will only need to add the UPCs of the new products.

11. Finally, you can navigate to All Markets, and click the name of the market to bring up the modal. Click the green QR code button in the top right corner (shown below) to print the code associated with the market. 


12. Once printed, this QR code should be posted in an area for customers to scan to access the market. At the end of this article, you will find an instruction sheet for using Koin that can be posted with the QR code.

Please note that customers using Koin must sign up for and reload funds through their Koin wallets to purchase items through the market. Credit card cannot be used directly for Koin purchases. Instructions for customers can be found in the attached sheets.

13. To access a report of your transactions through Koin, you can go to Analytics > Cashless > Braintree Transactions in the VMS. The report lists specific details of the transaction, as well as the Service Fee column, which is Braintree's service charge. Transactions are paid out daily, minus the service fees.

Transactions made through Parlevel Link will also be shown here. If you have both services enabled, then you will have a dropdown option to specify the transaction source.

Using the Market (English)
Usando el Mercado (Español)