Parlevel - What is a Manual Parlevel and how does it work?

The Manual Parlevel option when servicing doesn't actually Dex the machine; it just takes the information received in the last Dex and uses that information to "service" the machine. 

We recommend that the manual parlevel option isn't used except in certain special cases:

  • The machine is set up as MDB
  • You are certain your driver was on-site and serviced the machine, but forgot to Fill Dex
  • Your driver did attempt to Fill Dex the machine, but it was not received after a significant amount of time

Avoiding the use of manual parlevel except when necessary will help prevent discrepancies in expected cash collections, such as your driver being over on the current service and seeing a resulting short on the next service. The inventory count should be correct, so long as prekitting sheets were followed, but the use of manual parlevel does not allow for inventory adjustments deviating from the planned prekitting.