Parlevel - I need information I don't see available in my Analytics reports. Where can I look?

The VMS has a series of downloadable reports that are not available by default in the normal collection of analytics reports. Following are some instructions on accessing these reports, and a sample of the options available to you. 

You may request your Customer Success representative or a Parlevel Hero Support member to enable these reports for you, so that the menu below appears in your Analytics menu. They will need to know which report or what information you are needing to enable the specific reports for you.

The information available in each report is captured at the time of download. 

Listed below are some of the reports that are available to you, but if you need anything not listed here, please confer with Hero Support in order to find a suitable report.

  • All Machine Sales by Month
  • Revenue and Meters
  • Last Three Months Sales Trend
  • Open Door Report
  • Offline Inventory Value
  • Warehouse Inventory Cost
  • Planogram Export
  • Service Tickets Export
  • Market Sales Summary
  • Market Giftcards with Balances Export
  • Driver OCS Sales
  • Commissions by Route
  • Machines with Breakdowns