Parlevel - Product Update - Link Invites, Product Ids, Subsidized Reloads


Hello operators! We hope you’re excited to join us for brand new product update! We have some great new features in our system, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

1. Improved Link Invites

Parlevel Link is the ultimate connection between you and your customer, and it’s becoming stronger every day! The first step to getting your customers engaged with this platform is with an initial invite. We are happy to bring you an improved invite template to get your customers up and running with Link. We have added more customization options, improved communication, and more clearly listed the benefits and features of the service. Your customers will be more excited to join the platform, and you can do a better job than ever of serving them!

2. Custom Product IDs

The products you sell are the heart of your operation and your VMS. They are vitally important to help you manage vending machines, markets, OCS stations and warehouse inventory. But they are also important to your other processes that run outside of the VMS. We’ve worked hard to make sure our VMS is compatible with other services you use to manage your business. The connective tissue between these services is often a unified product code. So, we are making sure that custom product code that you’ve assigned to your product is available system wide. We’ve added it to many exports and sections of the VMS. This should help you keep your business information consistent across all platforms, and increase your operational efficiency!

3. Customer Payment History and Billing Contact Info

The service invoices section of the VMS has always been a great place to view and pay your Parlevel service invoices and view service agreements. In keeping with the convenience and transparency we strive for with our customers, we have added additional information that we think you will find useful. You can now easily view past payment history, and update your billing contact information to make sure your information is always accurate.

4. Subsidized Reload Configurations

koin wallet micro market accounts are your super power for landing great subsidized locations. Setting up monthly auto reloads is very easy, and refilled amounts roll right into subsidy reports sent to your customers. We are excited to bring you even more customization options for these subsidized wallet reloads that will help you land profitable accounts. Subsidized reloads can now be configured to run daily, weekly, or monthly. Plus, you can set a custom reload cap to better control the amount of money the account contributes. This flexibility let’s you set up subsidized systems that will satisfy each and every micro market account.