Parlevel - Product Update - Shrinkage, Warehouse, Tech Tickets


Hello operators! We hope you’re excited to join us for brand new product update! We have some great new features in our system, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

1. Shrinkage Report

It’s never good to waste perfectly good product. Our waste report helps you know how much product is wasted due to damage, spoilage, or other reasons. We’ve upgraded this report to breakdown what exactly has been verified as waste, re-entry, or if waste still needs to be verified. This will help you more easily verify and cut down on overall product waste.

2. Over Shorts Report

It’s always important to have trust between you and your drivers. Our over / shorts report helps you increase your cash accountability. We’ve improved the report by adding columns for expected coins, collected coins, expected bills, collected bills, plus change added and refund columns. Now, you can easily see which machines are over / short and the breakdown between cash and coins – helping you to identify and address machines with repeat issues.

3. Search & Filtering in Markets Users Screen

The better you know your customers, the better you can serve them. The micro market users screen gives you a comprehensive list of your micro market customers. This page gives you information about micro market users like total wallet balance, last transactions, cancellations, and more. We’ve added search functionality to every column on this page, which lets you more easily find the information you’re looking for. Now, it’s easy for you to issue refunds, investigate transactions, or simply learn more information about your micro market users.

4. Revert Warehouse Order Payments

A well-stocked warehouse is key to running a successful operation. Our warehouse orders page helps you manage supplier orders, keep suppliers accountable for deliveries, and internally track payments. Previously, you were only able to apply payments, but never revert or edit them if a mistake had been made. Now, you can revert and edit payments – giving you increased flexibility when managing your supplier orders.

5. Revert OCS Payments

Much like our warehouse orders page, our OCS invoices page is your hub for managing your OCS invoices. We’ve upgraded this page to allow you to revert OCS invoice payments if an error has been made – helping you to better manage your overall OCS invoices.


6. Recurring Tech Ticket Management

Help keep your technicians productive. Our tech tickets page helps you create tickets for technicians to go out and perform service or maintenance on your machines, OCS stations, or micro market accounts. You’ve always had the ability to schedule out these tech tickets for recurring service. Now, we’ve added a section where you can edit, view and manage all recurring tech ticket schedules – letting you provide more streamlined service for your accounts.


Thanks for joining us for this product update.