Remove Duplicates from Cafe Menu - CK


To inform the Chef Manager on how to remove the error message "item_code appears multiple times in the feed" from Onsite.


What Is It?

This error can appear in Onsite on the Kiosks tab when you try syncing your kiosk. You may see this type of message:

If you see this message and you try to sync your kiosk, you may see the Sync Status say error or the Sync button stays on Syncing... for an unusually long period of time.


How to Resolve It

To investigate the issue, you will need to go to BusinessTrack (aka BT or operator-app) and click on Menus and go to the Menus tab. Update your drop down to the Cafe Menu and press Go if you're not already on it.


You may be able to spot-check the Cafe Menu for any duplicate names to make sure the item wasn't entered multiple times by mistake. However, sometimes it may be the same Item Code being used for multiple items.


In order to see the Item Codes easily, you will need to press the Export Menu button, to the right of the Cafe Menu drop down.

This will download your Cafe Menu into an Excel Spreadsheet.


In the spreadsheet, press CTRL+F to bring up the search function. Enter the Item Code from the Onsite error message and press Find All.

This will bring up an extra area in the Find and Replace box that shows each instance of the Item Code being used. You can then click on those to see them highlighted in the spreadsheet.

Note: The downloaded spreadsheet will be in the CSV file format. If your Item Code starts with a 0 (zero) then you will need to exclude it from your search, as CSV files will drop the leading 0 on numbers.


In this example, you will see that there are 2 items using the same item code, BBQ and BBQ Burger.

In this example, BBQ Burger is the item we want to keep as is. Go back to the Cafe menu to correct the BBQ item. In the Cafe menu, you will need to search for the item by name. Once you've found it, you will see control options to the right.

In order from left to right they are:

  1. Active/Inactive (green is active, red is inactive)
  2. Edit
  3. Delete

CK Support is unable to make changes to the Cafe Menu, so the Chef Manager will have to complete the next part themselves.

Click the Edit button. You will see the Edit Menu Item box pop up.

The Item Code in the Item Name/Code will need to be changed here. This number effects nutritional information on the kiosk. The Chef Manager will need to update this appropriately. If they do not know the correct Item Code to use, they will need to reach out to their District Manager or Nutritional Specialist.


Once the Item Code is updated correctly, return to Onsite and refresh the page. The error message above your kiosks should be gone.

Press Sync next to your kiosks and verify that they do sync now.


Uncommon Issue

There is an uncommon issue that may also trigger the error. The Item Code may also appear multiple times in the POS Menu. This can happen on older menus that have removed items and simply used "delete" as their Item Code or UPC.


Go to the POS Menu and search for the Item Code given in Onsite.

You may find multiple items that have "delete" in the Item Code. You will need to click on each one and verify that none of them share the same exact Item Code, and update the ones that do.

When changing/adding items in BT, the system does do a check now for any duplications. So moving forward it won't be possible for mistakes like these to happen unless the system is connected to a VMS.