LightSpeed - Product Filters and Product Codes


The purpose of this article is to outline information related to Filters and Product Codes for LightSpeed Services. For comprehensive information, please see the SharePoint LS Basics Overview.



Machine Category Filters

Each machine has a unique identifier that LightSpeed uses to determine which machines will be picked in what zones. If a Machine Category is not selected in a zone, the machine will not show up to be picked. Machine Categories can be set active in multiple zones.


Machine Category Filters have different naming conventions depending on the integration:

  • In Streamware, it’s called the Vending Equipment
  • In Vendsys, it’s called the Model Category
  • In Seed, it’s called the Machine Class
  • In MEI, it’s called the Machine Group

Please Note: For Markets, each provider has a universal category. Their snacks and beverages are all on the same order.


Product Category Filters

When a product is brought into LightSpeed it has a product category attached to it. Much like the machine categories, product categories must be selected in a zone in order to show up to be mapped or picked. They sometimes are referred to as a ‘product family’. Products cannot be mapped or given a light without their corresponding product category active in a zone. Categories can only be active in one zone.


Example Product Category names: LSS Chips, Pastry, Gum & mints, 12 oz Beverages, Cold Food


Secondary Providers

Some clients pick using more than one Provider, commonly referred to as a ‘Secondary’. To function correctly, they must be ‘linked’, or have their product codes match up so the correct product shows up in Lightspeed for picking in those Secondary Routes. A common use for this setup would be Market routes via one Provider and Vending via the other Provider. Providers are linked using a similar code between like-products called a Product Code. If the Product Code is not correct, the order from the Secondary Provider will not be picked properly (it will show a different product).

If you find that a Secondary product is incorrect linked you will need to resolve the coding issue via the Provider side, then refresh all data via the ‘Refresh Data Lists’ found under the ‘Lightspeed Processes’ tab in Lightspeed Admin.