Stockwell 2.0 - Troubleshooting


This document covers some of the standard troubleshooting steps for the Stockwell 2.0. 

If you require any assistance, please call 365Support at 855-841-9036 (available 8am-5pm EST, Mon-Fri), or email


Unlocking the Store Without Power

Each store is built with mechanical locks. This enables the store to be opened with a key in the event that the store does not have power. 

The lock is located underneath the middle leg of the SW 2.0 unit. On either side of the lock are switches that can turn the cooler and ambient side lights off. 


Removing the Front Panel and Accessing SW 2.0 Technology Components

Tools Needed

  • Philips-head Screwdriver - needed for both hardware and software maintenance 
  • Keyboard and monitor - needed for software maintenance only


Removing the Front Panel 

  1. Under the middle leg by the manual lock and light switches, you’ll find two screws. Remove both of these. 

  2. Hold the post from the bottom, push upward towards the top of the unit, then pull outward away from the unit, so it hinges outward from the bottom. Once the bottom is clear, you can pull down and remove the entire panel. The top is held in place by this bracket.


Accessing SW 2.0 Technology Components

Once the front panel is removed from the Stockwell 2.0 unit, you will now have access to the Wiisper 10 PC, the Pico device ( which is used for power, Ethernet, and COM connections), Optconnect NEO 2, and the main power strip for the technology components.

  1. Remove the two screws at the top and bottom of the PC chassis

  2. Slide the PC forward: this will allow for a better view of the USB port connections for the cameras and PC power cable connection.


Other Common Issues

Doors do not unlock when user initiates a transaction

If you are experiencing issues with the Stockwell 2.0 doors not unlocking to allow a transaction to be finalized, there are a few reasons why this may occur. Go through these in order. 


First Steps

  1. Check ADM for Pico device online status

  2. Take off the front panel to check OptConnect connection

  3. Check Molex connectors from panel to locks are properly connected


Solution 1: Red Screen for Error Message

If: The Stockwell will not unlock, and device screen displays an error message with a red background, not a blue background

Then: Call 365Support to inform them of the issue, and they will be able to change the hardware settings for the device. 


Solution 2: New Install/ Power Surge

If: the Stockwell will not unlock, and this device is a new install, has recently been plugged in, or has recently had a power surge

Then: Hold the Down Arrow on the Stockwell 2.0’s controller for 5 seconds until the “---” appears. This command will clear the error and disengage the lock.


Solution 3: Cooler issue suspected 

If: The Stockwell will not unlock, and the previous attempts have not solved the issue. 

Then: The issue is likely with the cooler not reaching the proper temperature. Call 365Support, and they will be able to test the cooler. They will also be able to briefly override the cooler lock. If the temperature fails to reach the correct threshold within 2 hours, the lock will re-engage. 


Lights are off for one side

Issue: The lights are off, in either the ambient or fridge side

Resolution: Check the light switch under the front leg of Stockwell 2.0