Nv9 Bill Validator - Changing out an Nv9 in an XP Unit


The purpose of this article is to outline the process to change out a Nv9 Bill Validator/Cash Acceptor module in an XP unit. 



  1. Disconnect power from the XP unit.

  2. Open the XP unit to gain access to the bill validator.

  3. Grab the red tabs on both sides of the bill validator and push both tabs down (toward the face of the XP) while pulling the bill validator upward (toward you while standing in front of the open XP unit). This will separate the bill validator unit from its bezel.
  4. Install the ribbon cable into the replacement bill validator, making sure to install the keyed tab on the ribbon cable end into the notch in the bill validator plug location.
    5.jpg 6.jpg
  5. Insert the bill validator back onto the bezel, making sure all 3 tabs on both sides slide into the proper location on the bezel. Slide the bill validator down and away from you. The red tabs should click when it locks into place.
    7.jpg 8.jpg
  6. Make sure the ribbon cable is tucked in close to the bill validator. Installation is now complete and the unit is ready to test.