Replacing Castles Device - CK


To guide the Operator or Technician on how to install and troubleshoot Castles Devices.



Below are the required tools for working on Castles Devices on a Company Kitchen Kiosk.

  • USB A Female to USB B Male Adapter
  • A USB keyboard.
    • Any keyboard will work, but for ease of carrying, a number pad keyboard like below is acceptable.
  • A socket wrench / ratchet with a 7mm socket.
    • On an MM6 kiosk, a Philips screwdriver is required instead.

The Castles Device

The images below depict the Castles Device and its physical parts.




Some kiosks may have a spacer installed as well. When replacing a Castle, be sure that this spacer is removed from the old Castle and placed onto the new one. The new Castle will never come with a spacer.



Replacing the Castles Device

Removing the Castle from the Kiosk

  1. First, unplug all of the cables connected to the back of the Castle. The power cable (with the head connector) and the Cat5 ethernet cable are held in by clips. You need to push these clips down before you can pull the cables out.
  2. Remove the 4 nuts using the 7mm socket wrench. Be careful not to drop the nuts.
  3. Easily pull the Castle off of the pegs. You can push the device from the front side if you don't have enough grip to pull it from the back.

Installing the New Castle Device

  1. If your kiosk has a spacer installed, remove it from the old device and put it on the new one.
  2. Place the new device back into position on the pegs and tighten the 4 nuts. Again, be careful not to drop them.
  3. Plug the cables back into the back of the device as pictured.
    • Some kiosks may have a USB B cable that was connected. It's not required on all kiosks, but if the cable was plugged into the old Castle, be sure that it is plugged back into the new Castle in the port highlighted in yellow.
  4. The Castle will power up and show an orange Processing screen.

Setting the IP Address

To set the IP Address, you will need the USB A to USB B adapter and a keyboard connected to the Castle using the middle USB port.

  1. Press 2 on the keyboard to display the current IP Address (if any) and the full Serial Number of the device.
    • At this time, you should make note of the Serial Number displayed on this screen as CK Support will request this when you call in to finish the setup.
  2. Use the keyboard to enter the IP Address of the kiosk. The DOT(.) is entered by pressing 00 on the keyboard.
    • ex. 19200168001000101
      • If you don't know the kiosk's IP address, then CK Support will be able to provide this information. The example above is a standard setup for locations with a single kiosk using a Non-Unifi router.
  3. Press Enter on the keyboard and the Castle will reboot itself.

When the Castle is back online, you may still see the Processing screen. If you haven't already, you will need to call CK Support now to finish the setup.

Call CK Support at 877-280-7373 and press Option 2 for Dining, or Option 3 for Micromarket.