365Dining - Order Ahead - Menu Setup

Menu Setup

You can set up menus to display on the ReadyTouch device and the Order Ahead menu on the mobile app or website Without the menu setup, products will not display for the consumer. This sub-section will cover creating a menu, displaying all menu products in one singular tab on the consumer end, menu-level print groups, excluding products from the Order Ahead menu, and setting order limits.


Create a Menu

For descriptions of menu service types and instructions on creating a menu, see ADM - Setting Up Menus/Item Buttons. The 365Pay app and website will always use the Self-Service menu option.


Order Service / ReadyOrder

Used to display menu/product buttons on a ReadyTouch device when it is in Order Service mode. Order Service is NOT the same as Order Ahead. Order Service cannot be used with the Order Ahead functionality. This service does NOT control any of the mobile app's display or the consumer's website display.

  • In an environment where this is used, the consumer would place their order on the ReadyTouch device on-site. The ReadyTouch would NOT prompt for payment at the time of the order being placed. At the order station, a QR code receipt would print out for the customer. The consumer would take that QR code and pay for the meal at a separate cashier station run by an employee of the location. The idea of this is to have the consumer place their order on-site, roam the market while they wait for the food to be prepared and grab any add-ons like chips or beverages, then to pay for it all together at the cashier station.


Menu Level Print Groups

When assigned to a product, a Print Group determines which KDS the item will display on and which printer it will print to when ordered. A Print Group can be set in three different places - a location's default print group at the location level, at the product level within Location Summary, and/or at the menu level

  • If there are menu-level print groups set for a particular product, the menu-level print groups will override the default location or product-level print group setting.
  • f there are NO print groups set at the menu level for a particular product, the default location or product level print group setting will be used.
    • If NO menu level print group is set, but a default location AND product level print group are set - the product level print group will take precedence.

This section will cover setting the print group at a menu level. Location Default and Product Level Location Print Groups will cover setting the default print group for a product at the location level or the default print group for the location as a whole.

  1. Log into ADM.

  2. Click the Menu tab, then click Self Service.

  3. Click Expand All in the menu category of your choice. You will then see checkboxes for print groups per product at the menu level. 
    • The print group options you see are initially set up on the back end by 365. If you do not see any print group options listed, please contact 365 Support for assistance with setting them up.
  4. If any changes were made, click Save. Then go to the Location Summary and run a full sync.


Display All Products in One Menu Tab on App/Website

When creating menus, products typically are placed into various categories such as Sandwiches, Sides, and Beverages. However, we offer the ability to display all menu items in one singular tab on the consumer end. 

For instructions on enabling the All menu button functionality, see ADM - Setting Up Menus / Item Buttons: "All" Menu Button.


Exclude Items From Menu

You have the option to hide a particular product from the Order Ahead menu and/or the kiosk menu. This means that the item would not be available for purchase on the mobile app/website or ReadyTouch device depending on the selections made.

For instructions on excluding an item from a menu on the kiosk and/or Order Ahead menu, see ADM - Setting Up Menus / Item Buttons: Excluding Specific Items From Your Menu.


Show/Hide Entire Menu for Order Ahead

By default, Self Service menus are shown for Order Ahead (on the mobile app and website). This feature will give you the ability to hide an entire menu from the Order Ahead menu. This means that the menu would not display on the mobile app/website. The setting can be toggled on or off as needed.

For instructions on showing/hiding an entire menu for Order Ahead, see ADM - Setting Up Menus / Item Buttons: Show/Hide Entire Menu for Order Ahead


Order Limits

An Order Limit is the number of orders that can be accepted during a specified period of time. If all spots for a given time period are full, consumers will not be able to select that time frame for pickup.

For further information and instructions on setting up Order Limits, see ADM - Setting Up Menus / Item Buttons: Setting Order Limits.


Static Menus

This option designates a menu as static so that it can be active all the time, while the day part menus are then the only part to be managed. The Static Menus are treated similarly to menu services in that they are created by location and can be copied across one or more locations in which they can be edited.

For instructions on setting up a Static Menu, click ADM - Setting Up Menus / Item Buttons: Creating a Static Menu.