Two Tier Pricing - CK


To guide the Operator for setting up Two Tier Pricing in BusinessTrack (BT).


What is Two Tier Pricing?

Two Tier Pricing is a discount set up for users who make purchases with a Company Kitchen (CK) Card. Customers who finish their purchase using a credit card are not elligible for this discount.


Setting Up Two Tier Pricing

Note: Two Tier Pricing is set per location, so you will need to follow the steps below for each location.


  1. Log into BT. You will see your Home Page with your available locations. Select on the location you want to add Two Tier Pricing to.

  2. Select Menus from the tabs at the top of the page. (Your view may differ from the image below.)

  3. Select the POS Management tab.

  4. Hover your mouse over the sidebar on the left that says "Status" and select Promotions. (If Promotions isn't available, please contact CK Support. Your access request may require authorization from your manager.)

  5. From the list on the left side, select (add new promotion). If you do not have any previously set Promotions, this may be your only option.

  6. Set up your promotion to reflect the image below and click Save. The Promotion Type and Value fields can be changed as necessary, but Promotion Type is generally a Percent value. Notice that the Value in this case is also set to 10 and not 0.10, as the system already sees it as a Percent. Also be sure to keep Subsidy unchecked.

  7. After the Promotion saves, you will see it populate in the list on the left. Click on the new Promotion.

  8. Two new boxes are available to fill out.
    • Start Date: The day the promotion begins (this can be set to a future date).
    • End Date: The day the promotion will end (any future date will work, but do not set it longer than 5 years.
    • Start Time: The time that the promotion starts each day (typically left at 12:00AM).
    • End Time: The time that the promotion ends each day (typically set to 11:59PM).
    • Available Days: The days of the week that the promotion is available (all are selected by default).
    • Menu Groups: The groups of items that will receive the promotion.
      ex: mceclip5.png

  9. Click Update Schedule, and then press Save again. If you do not press Update Schedule, then your changes made in the Schedule box will revert to their previous settings, even if you press Save.

At this point, your Two Tier Pricing is set up. The kiosks for that location will sync within 30 minutes and the promotion will be available during the time set in the Promotion.



The above setup is typical for Two Tier Pricing. Some settings may be adjusted as needed, such as Promotion Type and Menu Groups. Below are some things to keep in mind when setting up the Promotion. If you have any issues, please contact CK Support at 877-280-7373 or


  1. Basic Settings:
    • You may update the Trigger as needed. However, do not use the All Products option is this feature no longer functions properly. That is why Groups is preferred for Two Tier Pricing.
    • The Trigger "Once Per Transaction" means only one item in the transaction gets the Promotion. Setting it to Unlimited ensures all items in the transaction get the discount.
    • Leave Subsidy unchecked. Checking the Subsidy box will allow credit cards to get the discount as well.
  2. Schedule:
    • The Start Time and End Time are per day.
  3. Menu Groups:
    • This box changes depending on your Trigger type.
    • If a certain Menu Group, such as Merchandise, is to be full price, you may uncheck that group to exclude it from the Promotion.