ADM - Dietary Nutrition Analysis (DNA) - Operator Guide


ADM has a feature called DNA, which stands for Dietary Nutrition Analysis. This feature allows calorie data to be displayed on food items listed on the kiosk, and can even list calorie information for modifiers for those items. This is done both in the form of numbers and via color coding: Green, Yellow, and Red labels indicate low, medium, and high amounts of calories.

This calorie data will then be displayed on the kiosk for the consumer. As guests select items and add additional modifiers to a product, they will be informed of the caloric increase or decrease to their selections as they add or remove modifiers.

As the operator, you may also decide if you would like only certain kinds of DNA information displayed. 



Implementing Dietary Nutrition Analysis

  1. From the main menu, select Admin. At the bottom of the Admin drop-down list, select DNA

  2. The DNA (Daily Nutritional Analysis) Form will now display. DNA is marked as "isDisabled: Yes" by default. Change this option to "No" to make DNA enabled, and the DNA form will now have options for Calories and Show DNA Info
  3. The calorie indicator fields display color codes for the number of calories in each product. You may set the range for the Green, Yellow, and Red labels by changing the minimum and maximum calorie amounts for each label. 
    • The Red max field is set to the highest max amount by default (9999 calories).
    • To prevent overlapping ranges, the minimum amount automatically adjusts itself based on the maximum amount of the other labels. For example, if the Green Max field is set to 250, the Yellow Min field will automatically set itself to 251. 
  4. Decide if you would like Calories, Color Codes, and Full Nutrition information visible for your products, and mark the checkboxes accordingly

  5. Determine if you would like these settings applied to individual locations or all locations, and mark accordingly.

  6. Save your changes


Adding Nutrition Information to a Product

There are also other options for dietary information, such as labeling an item gluten-free, kosher, vegan, and more.

  1. Select the Product Dropdown in the main menu, and then select Global Products.

  2. Next, find the product you would like to change and select it.

  3. Beneath the Product summary and the image button, you will find the Show Nutrition button. Pressing it will give you various options for nutritional information about your product. Some of these options will present a binary choice, such as if the item is alcohol or non-alcoholic, and others will allow you to enter a number, such as the amount of iron present in the item, or the amount of cholesterol.
  4. Select Save when you have made all necessary changes. 


Add Calories to a Global Modifier

You can also add calorie information for individual modifier options, such as cheese and other toppings for your items. Making this information visible to your customers will let them make informed decisions about their dietary choices for each item and modifier.

  1. From the Product dropdown in the main menu, select Global Products.

  2. Find the product you would like to add your calorie information to and select it.

  3. Once the product is open, scroll down to the Modifiers Tab, and select either Add Existing Modifier or Create New Modifier.

  4. Whether you are creating a new modifier or updating an existing one, you will now see text fields listed to the right of each modifier option. List the calorie information for each modifier choice here.
  5. Once you have made your changes, click Save. This will add calorie information for all listings of that product.

Once your changes have been made and your customers are able to pick these items from your menu, they will be able to see the calories for their items combined with the calories for their modifiers.

For example, if they were to order a hamburger at 500 calories and add on a modifier of cheese at 100 calories, they would now see the calories added together at 600 calories.



How do I turn DNA on or off?

In Admin > DNA, if isDisabled is set to No, DNA is enabled and the Show DNA Info checkboxes (Calories, Color Codes, and Full Nutrition) will display.

In Admin > DNA, if isDisabled is set to Yes, DNA is disabled. The calorie range input fields and the Show DNA Info checkboxes will not display.


Can certain parts of DNA be enabled or disabled globally? 

Yes. The operator can disable calories from showing via Admin > DNA, then uncheck the Calories Color, Codes, or Full Nutrition checkboxes as desired, then select save/sync.


Can I make calories invisible on a particular product? 

Yes. If DNA/calories are enabled and a specific product has calories set to NULL, the calories will not display on the UI even if DNA is enabled and calories are enabled in Admin > DNA.

If DNA/calories are enabled and a specific product has calories set to “0”, the “0” calories will display on kiosk/mobile UI.


Customer View

To see the customer view of this feature, please see the ADM - DNA - Customer Experience article.