Barcode Scanner - Troubleshooting

Motorola/Symbol Barcode Scanner:

Gen1, Gen2, Gen3, MM6, MM6 Mini, and V5 MicroMarkets



- Flashlight

- Phillips Head Screwdriver


The barcode scanner is one of the most essential pieces of hardware in a MicroMarket product. If the scanner should ever stop functioning, customers would be unable to make purchases. Learn how to troubleshoot for common issues regarding the scanner in the following article. 


ISSUE: No Lights on Barcode Scanner

The scanner contains a light & motion sensor, which should make the scanner light up (red) when something moves in front of it. Determine whether the scanner lights up by waving something in front of it. If the scanner does not illuminate, the scanner may be in sleep mode. Low light conditions will prompt the kiosk scanner to turn off.  Try shining a flashlight or cell phone into the lens of the scanner. If the scanner fails to turn on, it's possible the scanner is disconnected

Open the kiosk and check to confirm the scanner is plugged in.  The scanner connects to the kiosk computer via a USB port. The USB cable should be labelled with red tape. Unplug the cable for 10 seconds, then plug it back in to refresh the connection. If possible, switch USB ports. The scanner should beep when it powers on. After it beeps, test it again.

If the scanner fails to wake up after switching USB ports, reboot the kiosk and try again scanning an item again. If the scanner still does not wake up after completing the steps above, contact 365 Support for further assistance. 


VIDEO: Removing the Barcode Scanner for Service

Learn how to access and check the connections for the barcode scanner in our instructional video below.


ISSUE: Scanner Beeps but does not Proceed to Checkout

If the scanner is in an active state but does not come up in the point of sale software, reboot the kiosk and attempt to scan an item again. If the item still fails to scan correctly, contact 365 Support for further assistance.


ISSUE: Item Invalid/Not Found in Point-of-Sale

If an item is not recognized by the kiosk, the product may not be correctly added to the location in the SmartHQ or ADM administration portals. To check if an item is enabled on the kiosk, complete the steps below.



1. Sign into SmartHQ.

2. Click Manage SKU in the Manage Items column. The Manage SKU screen will display.

3. Search for the desired location using the Select a Location field.


4. Search for the desired product(s) using the Search Options, Item Type, Active/Inactive and Buttons fields.

5 Select the Get Data button.

6. Verify that the product has a UPC and is marked as active. If you do not have access to SmartHQ, contact your management team to be added to the portal.



1. Sign into ADM.

2. Choose the desired org from the drop-down menu in the top, right corner. The Location List screen will display.

3. Select the location in question from the Location List grid. 

4. Scroll to the bottom of the Location Summary screen and select the Products tab.

5. Enter the UPC or Product Name in the Search field and press Enter. 


Monitoring Scanner Performance

If products are being sold at a location, that is a great indicator that the scanner is working correctly. If a location has experienced scanning issues, performance for single kiosk locations can be monitored by checking the SmartHQ Sold Detail report.